New for summer 203 is the Hilltop Skate Park! More details soon on this awesome new addition to the Hilltop program.

A new tower will be built below B12. We can’t wait to see what FUN and CHALLENGES it holds.

6 new Bic sailboats join the Hilltop boating line-up in 2013!

A new Health Center is being built. It will be where the tower use to be. We hope it is a building you won’t need to use but if you do you will LOVE IT!

In 2014 Hilltop will be sporting a brand new Ski Nautique. The boat will have a wakeboard tower that will not only make wakeboarding at Hilltop bigger and better but it will allow us to add two new awesome activities behind the boat - Wake Surfing and Wake Skating! We can't wait for you guys to try out these AMAZING and FUN activities!

A new 35 foot BLOB will be at the waterfront this summer . . . FUN!!!

2 new basketball courts will replace the old one. Same spot just double the FUN!

A new outdoor laser tag course will be built for the summer of 2012. This will be one exciting activity. 2012 will feature a playfield in the woods. Come join the FUN!

Hilltop has been refurbishing a couple of cabins each year and Scott has started B8 & B9 as well as G4, G5 & G6. We also plan on dismantling cabin B3 and building two cabins in its place.

Hilltop's new Outdoor Adventure Course - A new and improved Outdoor Adventure Course (High Ropes) is being built for this summer. It will include 4 zip lines, 6 elements, a giant swing, pamper pole and a brand new play pen as well. Yes - you did read that right 4 ZIP LINES, all right around 500 feet each (the old zip line was 300 feet.) Come Join the FUN!