After 44 years in camping the Young Family is branching out in new directions and has sold the Camp Hilltop property to an organization that will run a different camp on the property.  2023 was the final summer of Camp Hilltop, and it was a great one!  We are extremely excited to see what the future holds for us but also extremely saddened that we will not continue to make Hilltop a special place for our campers going forward and we will miss the Hilltop community that came together each summer to help raise vibrant confident individuals.

We understand that camp can be a life-changing experience for our campers, families and staff.  We love what we have accomplished at Camp Hilltop over the years and the positive effect we have had on so many lives.  Every camper and staff that has called Hilltop their second home will always carry a part of Hilltop in their hearts, just as we will and we will miss spending our summers with you.  Words can never truly express the gratitude and love we have for the thousands of campers and staff that have created the Hilltop community throughout the years.  Thank you for being you and sharing that with Hilltop!

We thank you all for being a part of the Hilltop community and your support throughout the years. 

Additional Message From The Young Family

View and Download Pictures of the Day until October 21, 2023

You can view and download the Camp Hilltop Picture of the Day at, you will need the join code that we have given only to parents and legal guardians. Please note this function is only available on a web browser and not through the Waldo App.  If you are signed up through the Waldo App you may also download them there until October 21, 2023. 

Hilltop Gear 

If anyone wants any final Hilltop gear, Creative Alternatives has opened the spirit wear store.