Camp Hilltop Staff

One of the keys to Hilltop’s success is our staff. We take pride in the valuable people we hire. They are the most important people to our families, our campers and to us. We recruit counselors who are college age and above, as well as graduate students and teachers for our Senior Staff positions. The average age of the Hilltop staff is twenty-three.

Hilltop is an international environment both in campers and staff. Our staff comes from around the world, including; the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and other countries. No matter where Hilltop’s staff are originally from, they have a desire to have a positive impact on children, have specialized skills and have what we feel it takes to be a great camp counselor.

All Hilltop staff members go through an extensive application and interview process. We provide an in-depth, weeklong orientation prior to campers’ arrival and work with them throughout the summer.

Hilltop has a high rate of amazing counselors returning each summer, to the delight of our campers and families.

2017 Staff Profiles

Here is a sample of some of the amazing counselors we have lined up for the 2017 camp season:

Name: Ross
Age: 19
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
University/job: Studying MEng Chemical Engineering at Strathclyde and working at the University Students Union as an Audio/Visual Technician.
Interesting fact about myself: I have represented Scotland at international level in both football (soccer) and karate!
Experience with kids:I have been teaching karate to all ages for the last 5 years.  In addition I have been teaching guitar for the last few years.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I want to spend a summer where no two days are the same and I can share my passions for music and sports with kids. It’ll be a great experience to have a lasting, positive impact on their lives.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: The family atmosphere at Camp Hilltop is something I can’t wait to be a part of, working with such a close-knit group to help the kids have their most amazing summer yet.

Name: Ryan
Age: 20
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
University/job: Swinburne University of Technology and Design, majoring in criminology and minoring in sports science.
Interesting fact about myself: I play ice hockey even though there are only two rinks in Melbourne.
Experience with kids: I am currently employed as a swim instructor and have been for roughly 2 years. I have also been involved with my old high school field hockey program as a coach for the past 2 years.
Why I want to be a camp counselor:  I want to be a part of an amazing experience that will push me out of my comfort zone to make me a better person. I believe being a camp counselor will help develop my confidence and leadership skills to further my teaching abilities.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: The strong family values it places on both camp counselors and campers.

Name: Fraser

Age: 23
Hometown:: Adelaide, South Australia
University/job: Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of South Australia including a semester studying abroad at Oklahoma State University in 2015. Currently working and living in a small Scottish town called Inveraray.
Interesting fact about myself: Since finishing high school in 2011 I have traveled to over 25 countries, mostly throughout South-East Asia and Europe.

Experience with kids:Since I finished school I have coached every sport I can such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and cricket (think of it as Australian baseball) for kids of all ages. Most of this was either for local schools, both Primary and Secondary along with local sporting clubs which I play for myself. I was also hired as a snowboarding instructor at my old high school for their annual snow trips for the year 10 students.

Why I want to be a camp counselor: I have always wanted to combine my passion for sport, travel and working with kids so a summer as a camp counselor seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that.  I can’t wait to finally experience what a summer camp is all about!

Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I was lucky enough to meet Scott, at a job fair in Edinburgh and he couldn’t have been more positive about the camp. The facilities and beautiful location seems to be what sets Hilltop apart from the rest. I can’t wait to see the camp in person and get started at working toward what will surely be an unforgettable summer.

Name: Grace
Age: 22
Hometown: Letchworth, England
University/job: I studied at Shuttleworth College and got a Diploma in Equine Management.  I am currently working as a groom for a show jumper.
Interesting fact about myself:In June 2016, I got my Cat C license that enables me to drive a truck up to 18 tons. 
Experience with kids: I have worked with children the last 4 years.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: Watching kids explore, learn new skills and grow in confidence day by day is the most rewarding job. 
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: Hilltop looks fun, energetic and exciting.  I can’t wait to be part of the team and share my love for outdoor pursuits/activities in the fresh air and countryside.

Name: Zasu
Age: 23
Hometown: England/New Zealand
University/job: I studied at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art graduating with a Bachelor of Performance in 2013. I currently work as a program coordinator at a Youth organization.
Interesting fact about myself: I have lived in four different countries and here’s to many more!
Experience with kids: After working at Hilltop in 2015 I knew I wanted to keep working with kids so for the past two years I have been working with an organization called Youthtown as a coordinator running my own afterschool and holiday programs.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: The experience I had in 2015 was an incredible learning experience for me. I want to come back and be a positive influence and make strong connections with the amazing kids that come to Hilltop.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: Because Hilltop Cares! They care about every single child and every single staff member, and that is why everyone says that Hilltop feels like a family. I am so happy to be joining this family again.

Name: Callum
Age: 19
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
University/job:  I am currently studying at Queen Margaret University for an honors degree in Nutrition and Food Science. By night I work for the University Student’s Union.
Interesting fact about myself: I have helped to raise a total of nearly 10,000 pounds as part of my school’s charities committee!
Experience with kids: I have worked with kids for years. I have loved taking part in after-school cooking clubs where I helped kids learn the basics of cooking, an invaluable life skill, and watched them gain confidence in themselves. I have also spent my time on the charities committee where in my sixth and final year I was president. Alongside my busy working, I also coached and helped younger kids in eco-schools, amnesty international. Because cooking means so much to me, I also volunteered two years working and serving food in the school canteen to make sure all kids got a balanced meal. Since high school, I have been busy working with the children’s university working with kids in the local area to learn new skills while having the time of their lives!!
Why I want to be a camp counselor: : To show and teach kids that something as simple as cooking can change their lives for the better. While setting a confident example for the kids and to watch them grow and develop with a set of new and exciting skills and friendships that they find at camp. Also, by being a part of a comforting group of staff, I wanted to be able to make a home away from home and be that role model that the kids would be happy to look up to.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop:  I choose Hilltop because there’s no other place like it! No other place provides such a strong sense of family and kindness amongst the whole entire camp and the fact that they’re so many exciting and thrilling activities for the kids to do, there’s nowhere else I’d rather make my home away from home!

Name: Jenna
Age: 19
Hometown: Lanark, Scotland
University/job: I am a student at City of Glasgow College and I’m studying Advertising and Public Relations. I have also had a part-time job for the past 3 years at my local butchers.
Interesting fact about myself: I have been dancing for 17 years, taking classes in cheerleading, hip hop, tap and modern. I am also a member of a competitive dance team called “Lightning Strikes”, and travel all over the UK, competing at national level.
Experience with kids: I am a regular babysitter for 2 families who have both girls and boys. I love to encourage them and make sure they are enjoying themselves while I am looking after them! Dancing has also allowed me to gain a lot of experience with younger kids, as it is my responsibility to guide them and make sure they are always improving, as they look up to the older girls like myself.
Why I want to be a camp counselor:  Easy question! I want to be a camp counselor because I love kids! They have such creative minds, no matter what age, and I want to encourage them to be who they want to be. Another reason, is because I want to have new and different experiences and make lots of new, lifelong friends and I feel that being a camp counselor will allow me to do exactly that! However, there is one thing that I definitely know and that is that this job will be one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I will ever have!
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose to work at Camp Hilltop because it is my definition of the perfect camp! It is one big family and has such a supportive environment. It is an opportunity of a lifetime and I could never turn it down!

Name: Meg
Age: 24
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
University/job: University of South Australia, studying a Bachelor of Education (high school teacher majoring in Home Economics (food and textiles) and Outdoor Education). I am currently working at the front desk of Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada.
Interesting fact about myself: I have played netball for 16 years and in 2014 I volunteered in a military handicapped school in rural Cambodia where I taught English.
Experience with kids: I was a swimming instructor for seven years and through my teaching degree I have worked with children of all ages in a number of different classroom settings as well as volunteer programs.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: Being able to develop unique relationships with kids and then seeing them grow, step out of their comfort zone and gain more confidence in themselves is an amazing feeling. I also want to continue to work on the way in which I develop relationships and communicate with children and learn new ways to negotiate the many challenges you are faced with when working with children. I hope that this experience will further develop my skills and give me more experience that will benefit my teaching in the future.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose to work at Camp Hilltop as I loved the close nit and all-inclusive vibe that it portrayed. The Young family seem very committed to ensuring that each individual camper has the best time possible and the extensive activities available ensures there to fun had by all unique campers.

Name: Georgia
Age: 21
Hometown: Liverpool, United Kingdom
University/job: I am studying Mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University. I also work part time at Liverpool Football Club’s stadium.  I also am taking part in a Placement year of University, at major rail transport company in the UK.
Interesting fact about myself: I once made it to the UK Schools Memory Championships… I came last. It’s the taking part that counts!
Experience with kids: Before Hilltop my experience was mainly through babysitting, in addition to some Math and Physics tutoring.
Why I want to be a camp counselor:  I spent my first year working at Hilltop as a member of the kitchen staff. That year was really beneficial, as it gave me an insight into camp life. Very early on into the summer, I knew that if I were to come back to Hilltop, it would be as a camp counsellor. Counsellor’s are very influential people in regards to a child’s summer camp experience. It is our responsibility to ensure all children in our care are safe, happy and cared for. Camp is incredible, as it allows campers to escape the pressures of the outside world, and be themselves. It is incredibly rewarding to see a camper gain in confidence and friendships over the course of the summer, and I enjoy my role in being a positive role model, and ensuring our campers have a great summer.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: The atmosphere at Hilltop is incredible. The sense of community is great, I can’t imagine spending my summers anywhere else. This will be my third summer at Hilltop and it genuinely feels like my home away from home.

Name: Emily
Age: 20
Hometown: UK
University: Psychology BSC, University of Leeds
Interesting fact about myself:I have completed nationally in the sport of eventing (horse riding)
Experience with kids: ABA tutor for two autistic children and a horseback riding instructor.
Why I want to be a camp counselor:  I want to enable the children to fulfil their best potential, have as much fun as possible and make great friends while challenging myself.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose Camp Hilltop due to its friendly, family lead atmosphere and due to all the exciting opportunities with the horses.

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