Welcome to Camp Hilltop Staff Area

This page contains useful information for our staff including the Staff Manual and Arrival Information. As the need arises we will add more information for you to this section.

All documents below are available in PDF format.

General Camp Forms and Information

2016 Hilltop Arrival Information

2016 Personnel Policies and Practices

2016 Pre-Placed Staff Visa Information

2016 Hilltop Social Networking and Images Policy

CH Health History Form

A4 CH Health History Form

Staff Packing Guidelines


Staff Manual

2016 Hilltop Staff Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 Camp Hilltop Organizational Chart (Coming Soon)

Department Manual

2016 Horse Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 Aquatics Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 AC Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 Hilltop Ropes Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 Sports Manual (Coming Soon)

2016 Kitchen Manual (Coming Soon)

Lesson Plans

How to Write a Lesson Plan

How to Teach a Skill

Lesson Plans

A4 Lesson Plans


2016 Summer Schedule Sheet (Coming Soon)

Course Manuals

Lifeguarding Participant Manual

Covid-19 INFO