Camp Hilltop Staff

One of the keys to Hilltop's success is our staff. We take pride in the valuable people we hire. They are the most important people to our families, our campers and to us. We recruit counselors who are college age and above, as well as graduate students and teachers for our Senior Staff positions. The average age of the Hilltop staff is twenty-three.

Hilltop is an international environment both in campers and staff. Our staff comes from around the world, including; the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and other countries. No matter where Hilltop's staff are originally from, they have a desire to have a positive impact on children, have specialized skills and have what we feel it takes to be a great camp counselor.

All Hilltop staff members go through an extensive application and interview process. We provide an in-depth, week long orientation prior to campers’ arrival and work with them throughout the summer.

Hilltop has a high rate of amazing counselors returning each summer, to the delight of our campers and families.

2019 Staff Profiles

Here is a sample of some of the amazing counselors we have lined up for the 2018 camp season:

Name: Yasmin
Age: 24
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
University: BSC Criminological Studies at Abertay University.
Experience with kids: I was a swim teacher throughout university, teaching kids of all ages. I have been a camp counselor at Hilltop for three summers (’15, '17 &’18), spending the summers at the waterfront and a cabin counsellor in G6. Whilst on my travels I have also volunteered and met a lot of kids along the way who have taught me that you don’t need a lot in life to still be content and happy.
Why I want to be a camp counsellor: Being a camp counsellor for the summer is a highly rewarding job and one that always challenges you, brings out the best in you and puts a huge smile on your face. Kids are everything at Hilltop and everyone becomes a community where you want to try new things in a fun environment, where being surrounded by great people encourages you to achieve great things. Being a positive role model for kids to become confident, independent individuals, striving to learn from one another; in turn making memories that coming to a summer camp you can’t get from the outside world.
Why I chose to work at Hilltop: It’s a place where you can be whoever you want to be and no questions are asked. Each summer I come back because the Hilltop environment is a place where you see people grow both individually and as a community. Being at Hilltop is just a place where you feel comfortable, have fun and be you and that’s why working at Hilltop is one of the best jobs!

Name: Rose
Age: 19
Hometown: NYC
University: Dickinson College, Psychology Major & Spanish and Women & Gender Studies Minor.
Interesting fact about myself: I have been riding horses since I was 8 years old!
Experience with kids: I was a CIT at Camp Hilltop for two years and a counselor last summer.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I want to be a camp counselor because I grew up looking up to my counselors when I was a camper, and I want to be a role model for other children. Going to camp is such a valuable experience where a child gains confidence and independence, and I want to be able to be a part of their growth.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose to work at Camp Hilltop because of the inclusive, caring, and accepting environment that the camp provides. Camp Hilltop is a place for kids to be themselves and to grow into their own person. Camp Hilltop has a set of values for how people should treat one another called “The Hilltop Way” and the campers and counselors embody and live by the Hilltop Way in their everyday lives at camp.

Name: Hanna
Age: 19
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
University: Sports Management at The University of Edinburgh.
Interesting fact: I'm an international field hockey player!
Experience with kids: I used to be a nanny for 2 young children, 5 and 3 years old. I work at my old school as a teaching assistant in the classroom and also as a hockey and sports coach.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I love working with children and want to make sure that every child at Camp Hilltop has the best summer. I would like every child at camp to feel as though they can come and talk to me at anytime about anything whether that is feeling a bit homesick, friendships or just a general chat .
Why I chose to work at Hilltop: When I first applied for Camp America, Hilltop was the very first camp I looked at and I had my heart set on it since then. I love the traditions and values that Hilltop goes by and it immediately came across as the most welcoming camp for anyone to go to. Hilltop seems like a home away from home and that is exactly what anybody wants when they are staying away for a significant amount of time. Hilltop offers so many activities and that was such an attraction to me as there are so many new things to try for everyone! I can't wait to spend summer 2019 at Hilltop!!

Name: Brina
Age: 20
Hometown: Mahopac, NY
School/major: University of South Carolina Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Dual Degree
Interesting fact about myself: I went to Nicaragua on a medical mission trip during the spring of 2018
Experience with kids: I was a staff member during the 2018 Summer, I also helped to coach 3rd-5th grade girls softball, while in high school.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I wanted to be a camp counselor because growing up I went to camp every summer, and knew the impact that my counselors had on me. Growing up, I was never the coolest or funniest, but when I was at camp, my counselors saw those qualities in me, and believed in me and loved me for who I was. I want to be a counselor to be that person for another child.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose to work at Hilltop, because ever since my first summer when I was 12 I have loved Hilltop. Hilltops great set of core values, and the Hilltop Way, make Camp Hilltop the best place to be, and work. I couldn’t resist working at such an amazing place.

Name: Valeria
Age: 21
Hometown/Country: Tegucigalpa, Honduras but currently living in Valencia, Spain.
University: Coventry University - Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Somatic Practice
Current Studies: Modern Technique Professional Formation course in Modern Dance in Valencia
Interesting fact about myself: I have lived in 5 countries and can dance 8 styles.
Experience with kids: I have 6 years of experience working with kids. I first started teaching different styles of dance to kids aged 2-11. From then on I have worked at two summer camps (one in Wisconsin and one in Canada), a non profit organisation, an educational arts organisation, a leadership centre for teens and a few elementary schools teaching dance in educational settings.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I think camp is a really special place where kids can just be themselves and push themselves outside their comfort zones in a safe setting and I love being part of that.
Why I chose to work at Camp Hilltop: I feel that Camp Hilltop really prides themselves in providing international experiences for campers as well as staff, and as an artist I appreciate the diversity in cultures.

Name: Ross
Age: 21
Hometown/Country: Glasgow, Scotland
University: I study Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Interesting fact about myself: I have represented Scotland internationally in two different sports - Soccer and Karate.
Experience with kids: I have been teaching karate and music for 5+ years to groups and individually, this will also be my 3rd summer as a counsellor at Hilltop!
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I want to be able to work in an environment where I can pass on my knowledge and share my passion for music, sports and outdoor activity! The opportunity to spend a full summer working with wonderful campers and staff is one that nobody could turn down.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: This summer will be my 3rd spent at Hilltop, and the atmosphere and memories made there are what keeps bringing me back! It is the most welcoming environment I’ve lived and worked in and being constantly on the go gives a relief from the stresses of day to day life.

Name: Matthew
Age: 19
Hometown/Country: County Staffordshire, UK
University:  I am currently in my first year studying Physical Education and Youth Sports Coaching at Staffordshire University.
Interesting facts about myself: I have severe hearing loss who also plays for the England Adults Deaf Cricket Team.
Experiences with Kids: I am currently working part time as a community coach, where my role is to coach primary school children different sport activities, fun games in order to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
Why I want to become a Camp Counselor: 1. It is always a great opportunity and a privilege to meet and work with new people. 2. I am always enthusiastic and interested in coaching new activities as it seeks an amazing experience. I believe it is very important to see children happy and prosperous which I look forward to see during the summer.
Why I chose to work at Camp Hilltop: I chose to work at Camp Hilltop because it provides such a great opportunity and it is situated in a great environment. They provide a huge range of activities for the campers which will be very rewarding to see them enjoying themselves throughout the summer. Likewise, giving the counselors an opportunity to learn new things. The Staff and Family at Hilltop are very friendly and welcoming, so I will look forward to working with a great team.

Name: Ryan
Age: 22
Hometown/Country: Melbourne, Australia
University: Swinburne University, I have attained a dual diploma of Sports Development, Leadership and Management.
Current Job: Swim Instructor and retail assistant
Experience with Kids: I have been a swim instructor for 4 years. The best part of being a swim instructor is seeing the kids develop their skills over time. I have also worked with my old Highschool to deliver and run fun sports sessions to develop skills for future competition.
Why I want to be a camp counselor: To create lasting memories and friendships and to further better myself by pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
Why I chose Camp Hilltop: Camp Hilltop really is one of the most enjoyable and best experiences of my life. It is the best place to be to make long lasting friendships and connections! Once you have experienced Camp Hilltops charm, you can never forget it or let it go.

Name: Megan
Age: 22
Hometown/Country: Sheffield, England
School/University: The Arden School of Theatre – 1st Class Degree in Dance and Performance. I am currently working as a freelance Dance Artist, performing and coaching dance.
Interesting fact about myself: My favourite colour is pink and you’ll be able to tell as the majority of my clothes and belongings are bright pink!
Experience with kids: I have taught young children dance for the past 6 years so have a lot of experience working with them. 
Why I want to be a camp counselor: I want to be a camp counsellor to not only share my knowledge of dance with the kids from a different country and culture but to also learn from them; learn the music and dance styles which are used and hopefully be able to bring those new ideas home to pass onto the children in Sheffield. I also want to experience camp life, meeting new friends and enjoy a new adventure pushing my comfort zones.
Why I choose to work at Hilltop: I chose Camp Hilltop because of their family oriented atmosphere. I am very close with my family so coming to a camp where I can feel comfortable, safe and at home is really important. I am also excited to use and teach with their aerial facilities.