Camp Hilltop Overview

Why Camp Is Important

Camp is a special place. Camp provides a structured environment that allows campers to grow and learn about themselves, try new things, discover hidden talents and push beyond their comfort zone surrounded by support. Leaders in the field of child development recognize the value of camp in providing the needs of today’s children. The camp experience is designed to help children mature socially, emotionally, intellectually and morally.

Camp is a place where children can live, play and work with positive role models who listen, talk, relax and reflect. It is through the fun and challenging activities that campers learn to work together, make choices, take responsibility, develop creative thinking skills, and gain confidence-building independence and self-reliance. All are necessary steps on a child’s path to a healthy and productive life.

Hilltop Philosophy

Camp Hilltop and the Young family’s goal is to provide children with an exciting, diversified and wholesome camping experience. This is accomplished through a large, flexible program that is structured and well supervised. We believe youth should have a taste of different activities. We feel it is essential to blend wholesome, challenging and cultural programs into each day.

Camp Hilltop believes in the power of community and the understanding that children thrive when they feel safe and comfortable. It does not matter what the family make-up is; it is the guidance, support, expectations, sense of responsibility, positive reinforcement and nurturing that are the foundation of our diverse population.

Competition is a part of life and there are fun competitions within camp during evening activities, cabin clean up, spirit week, games, etc. However, at Hilltop we approach these in a fun and intentional way. Our focus is on building individual skills, independence, teamwork and having fun.

Hilltop Program

Hilltop’s daily program exposes campers to a multitude of opportunities. Campers can choose to deepen or expand skills in familiar activities, explore activities for the first time and develop impressive new skills, feel group spirit and togetherness, keep the pace or relax and deepen new friendships. All in all, it’s a “camper-friendly” way to have fun, learn about yourself and those around you — and develop as a person.

We believe that a camp should be just big enough to surround campers with great opportunities for building new friendships, but not so big that any camper feels lost or overwhelmed.

We pay special attention to the health and safety of each camper. Every activity starts with safe equipment, sensible rules and excellent supervision. In addition, we have a licensed nurse on-site at all times, and local physicians on call at a hospital near camp. In the event of illness or injury, parents will hear from us promptly.

The Hilltop Way

The Hilltop Way sets us apart. It teaches campers respect and responsibility for themselves, those around them and the place in which they live and play. It isn’t a set of rules but a guiding principle on how to be positive members of our community.

Parent To Parent

“If you want your kids to come home beaming at the end of the summer, then you want to send your kids to Camp Hilltop.” ~ Neil, parent

“My daughter’s first experience at sleep away camp could not have been better! She enjoyed every moment, loved her counselors, made lots of friends, tried many different activities, felt supported and valued, and she can’t wait to come back next summer. You have created a very special environment at Hilltop and deliver on all your promises. We could not be happier.”
~ Cynthia, parent

“My girls are different and better people because of the experiences they have had at Hilltop and I am honored that everyone in the Young family has taken the time to help us raise our children. You have made such an impact on their lives and have been wonderful role models. The experiences you have shared with our daughters will stay with them forever.”
~ Iryna, parent