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Waldo Photo – This summer, we’re excited to let you know about a photo delivery service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone! No more searching for hours for proof of fun!

This optional service, offered by Waldo Photos, uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to you via fun and friendly text messages. Learn how it works in this quick video.

Cost: To opt into Waldo’s facial recognition service there are 2 options: Plus – $4.17 per month and offers matching on up to 5 family members and 100 GB of storage. Premium – $8.33 per month and offers matching for up to 10 family members, 200gb of storage and 15% off prints. This is an auto-renewing service. So put a note in your calendar to cancel the subscription if you are only using it while your camper is at Hilltop.

To enroll: Tap here, you will need the join code that we have given only to parents and legal guardians.

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