Camp Hilltop Bunks & Cabin Life

The core of the camp family is the cabin. Cabins are made up of campers who are entering the same school grade in the fall. Each cabin is led by a team of fantastic counselors who live in the cabin to guide, nurture and provide consistent boundaries and structure for the campers. They create a welcoming environment where kids can be who they want to be while forging strong connections with each other.

All of Hilltop’s cabins are simple and well maintained with a knotty-pine interior. Each cabin has a bathroom with toilets, sinks and showers, hot and cold running water and electricity. Laundry is done once a week. Cabin curfews are based upon the cabin’s school grade. Campers sleep on twin-sized bunk beds and are provided cubby space.

Campers may bring things to help make their space feel comfortable and personal, i.e. pictures, photos, a special pillow or stuffed animal.