Camp Hilltop Philosophy

Camp is a special place. Campers grow and learn about themselves, try new things, discover hidden talents and reach out without the fear of negative criticism. Leaders in the field of child development recognize the value of camp in providing the needs of today’s children. The camp experience is designed to help children mature socially, emotionally, intellectually and morally.

Camp is a structured environment where children can live, play and work with positive role models who listen, talk, relax and reflect. It is through the fun and challenging activities that campers learn to work together, make choices, take responsibility, develop creative thinking skills, and gain confidence-building independence and self-reliance. All are necessary steps on a child’s path to a healthy and productive life.

Camp Hilltop and the Young family’s goal is to provide children with an exciting, diversified and wholesome camping experience. This is accomplished through a large, flexible program that is structured and well supervised. We believe youth should have a taste of different activities, some of which they will enjoy greatly, while others may be remembered and re-explored when they are older. We feel it is essential to blend wholesome, challenging and cultural programs into each day.
Camp Hilltop believes in the power of community and the understanding that children thrive when they feel safe and comfortable. It does not matter what the family make-up is; it is the guidance, support, expectations, sense of responsibility, positive re-enforcement and nurturing that are the foundation of our diverse population.

The Hilltop Way sets us apart from others. It teaches campers respect and responsibility for themselves, those around them and the place in which they live and play. It isn’t a set of rules but a guiding principle in how to be positive members of our community.

Hilltop is a non-competitive camp with a focus on building individual skills, teamwork and fun.