Summer 2021 – Safe and Fun

October 2020

Planning for the summer of 2021 is fully underway. We can not wait to have Hilltop filled with our amazing staff and campers once again!

We are confident that with the guidance provided by the ACA (American Camp Association), CDC and state health agencies combined with the field tested practices of not only resident camps that successfully navigated last summer but also reopened childcare centers and schools that Hilltop will be able to create a safe and healthy community in 2021. Taking into account what we’ve learned and continue to learn we are carefully planning to operate camp in 2021.

As summer approaches, we will release a detailed COVID Safety Manual for the Hilltop community. This page, which we will update as our planning evolves, will contain an overview of the key elements and main considerations of our safety planning.

Hilltop’s safety plan will have three primary components:

  1. Creating a Bubble: We will keep COVID out to the extent possible through appropriate screening and testing this summer, with the ultimate goal of creating a bubble in the camp community.
  2. Limiting the Spread of Germs: To limit the spread of germs within camp, we will regularly clean and sanitize the facility, require frequent hand-washing, maintain camp “families” within the larger camp community, and require masks during unstructured transition times and other periods where germs may spread.
  3. Reacting Appropriately: If a camper or staff member has symptoms associated with COVID, we will have a set protocol to care for them while isolating them from the community. We will also have protocols in place for appropriate quarantine and test of anyone with close contact to positive individuals.

Following All Relevant Guidelines and Best Practices
As we complete Hilltop’s written COVID Safety Plan, please know we are committed to following all relevant guidelines, regulations, and best practices. We have the following key materials to take into account: CDC guidelines for overnight camps; the American Camp Association Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance; OSHA guidance; and New York State Department of Health regulations.

Ultimately, our goal is to create the safest possible experience in 2021 for our campers and our staff. Based on everything we know now, we are moving full-speed ahead with planning for a safe, memorable, and amazing summer of 2021.