Typical Day by David

Quietly we get up and get ready to the nice alpaca sounds … O, who am I kidding? Mornings (getting out of bed) are difficult but the rest of the day is great. Some of us get up nice and quietly and take our showers and are quickly ready. Others, no names mentioned, have to have surprise wake up calls five min. to leave.

First, at 7:50 is flagpole, where one cabin sings a song after raising the flag. If Hilltop likes it, they clap, and a new cabin sings tomorrow. Though, if Hilltop doesn’t, they have to sing again tomorrow. Then, on the basis of the straightest line, each cabin goes in to breakfast.

At our table, Scott or Kathy calls us up to get our food, if we’ve set our table. Announcements are said at the end and we clean our table with “the bus bucket.” Then we leave for our cabin. Here we must clean it up and leave no stone unturned. The nurses will inspect it and give us a score out of 100. Highest score for the week gets pizza. The nurses mean business … so keep it clean!

At 9:15, a counselor for your cabin activity comes to bring us there. Sometimes tower, sometimes go karts, and sometimes waterskiing, or something else. At 10:15, we’re free to go but need to be at the activity field no later the 10:25. Here we split up for one and a half hours of an activity we sign up for on Sunday. At twelve, we’re free to wash up for lunch at 12:15.

The Afternoon works the same as the morning, minus wake up; flagpole, and cabin clean up. But when intensive ends at four, free activity begins for one and a half hours. What is open is announced at lunch. Camp Store is always open!

Free activity ends at 5:30. Dinner is at six. Evening activity for that day is at 7:30. At nine, the youngest have to go to bed, but everyone else has free time. We can use the rec. room now, but we can always just walk around. At curfew, we return to our cabin. Lights out one half hour later. Flashlight time for one half hour, then it is time for bed. Another great Hilltop day!


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