Typical Day By Emily

Let me start by saying that there is no real typical day at Hilltop because everyday is extraordinary, but I’ll try my best.

Every day, I either wake up to the radio blasting or the sounds of the birds chirping outside and the alpacas stretching in the fields. I take a quick shower and head to flagpole. At flagpole every day, a different cabin has to sing or dance. Then we go into the dining hall for breakfast. Personally, my favorite breakfast is on Sunday, which is bagel day.

Then we go back to the cabins to clean them to get the approval of the nurse. If you get really good scores all week, you get a pizza party. I play cards on the porch with my friends until a counselor comes to pick us up for our first cabin activity. Then I go to my first intensive, which I get to choose. Every Sunday, we choose four intensives for the week, so I get to do stuff I want to do, and stuff I normally wouldn’t do but turn out to like. Camp Hilltop is what its motto says: “A heap of friends and a mountain of fun.” After my first intensive, I go back to the cabin to clean up for lunch.

After lunch, the cabin has one more cabin activity and one more intensive. I love to have swimming as my second intensive because it cools you off from all the activities you’ve been doing all day. Then its every kid’s favorite time … free time. I love to grab something at the camp store and then hit the pool again. Some favorites at the camp store are slush puppies, Chipwich and Fish Stick ice cream.

After free time comes dinner. Then I get ready to go to the night activity, which could consist of a dance, casino night, or social. Then everyone stays outside until his or her curfew, which is different for every cabin. Then I end the fantastic day I just had by writing a letter to my parents telling them about it. I go to sleep looking forward to the days ahead spent at Camp Hilltop.


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